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I like to enter transactions as they happen or future transactions that are consistent month to month. When I do my weekly update the transactions I’ve manually added do not match to the downloaded transactions. Then I need to delete the duplicates. How can I avoid this?


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    Hello @jaldrich71

    Thank you for reaching out on the community and telling us about your issue. I do apologize for the issue you're having. Generally when you want to match manual transactions to downloaded ones you'll want to have the payee the same and the amount the same but it sounds like even when doing that you're having issues. I'm wondering here if we might be able to fix it by resetting up the downloads. It's something we're able to try to see if that may help. I'll leave steps down below.

    First thing I'll recommend is to save a backup to revert back to just in case. You can find how to do so down below. 


    Next we'll try deactivating all of the accounts. You can do so by following the article listed down below.


    Last you'll want to add the account as a new account. You can do this by going across the top to tools > add account. Add the accounts and make sure to link them to your existing accounts.

    Once you've done this see if we're still having the same issue Let us know how it goes!


    Quicken Francisco

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