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Are you ever going to resolve the Wells Fargo CC-501 Issue?

:# This problem persists and there has been no communication. It still continues. I am paying a subscription fee for slowly diminishing functionality. Perhaps you should considere going back to the 2019 version?


  • sandraleedm
    sandraleedm Member ✭✭
    I am so frustrated with the connection to Wells Fargo. One day it works and I fix all my accounts and the next day it won't work -- Wanting to add the accounts new again.
  • Freckles321
    Freckles321 Member
    I have the same issues with WellsFargo
  • sandraleedm
    sandraleedm Member ✭✭
    I was on again yesterday w/ Quicken support and they continue to tell me the issue is on the Wells Fargo side.
  • italiandavea
    italiandavea Member
    That is BS. I talked with Wells Fargo and they say it is not an issue on there end. So, we must have a lot of dummies masquerading as software engineers. I guess the only thing now is to accept less functionality at a high subscription price. If there were a competitive software program available, I would convert....To be blunt, these people suck.....
  • Gary S
    Gary S Member
    I too was on with Quicken tech support. My guys acknowledged that Quicken is have issues adding accounts with Wells Fargo. They are aware of the problems and are working on them. And "No its not a Wells Fargo issue"
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