Older cleared & reconciled transactions uncleared after de & re-activating online services

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I manage multiple accounts at the same credit union, most joint, but a couple have a different account & password. This gets messy: when I added a new CD recently, several accounts got re-linked with the wrong account & pwd. So I had to deactivate online services and re-activate these.

Each of 3 accounts so far reactivated fine, and I could connect and download a few new transactions. BUT when I used "reconcile" there was an old transaction marked as not reconciled in each account. I reconcile frequently, and these accounts are updated at least weekly. So this is a Quicken issue, not actual.

Has anyone had this happen after re-activating online services?


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    Hello @SandraStowell

    Thank you for reaching out on the community and telling us about your issue. I do apologize for the issue you're having. That is odd that the accounts have unreconciled amounts after redownloading. Is this the first time that you've experienced this issue or is has it happened previously? Did this happen with one specific FI or was it multiple? Was it only one transaction as well? There could be a chance it was considered a new downloaded transaction but you'd then see a duplicate if that was the case.

    Once you get a chance let us know more and we'll see what we're able to find out.


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    This started quite recently. Happened again today: I downloaded a few new transactions in my checking account and went to Reconcile. On my reconcile new window, the was no match, and I saw and one uncleared transaction from last October, for the amount of the difference between Quicken and my online balance. I checked that transaction, the difference was zero so I completed my reconcile action. Then went back to October and found the transaction in question: it still displayed as uncleared/unreconciled! I manually cleared & reconciled it.
    This account was previously been fully reconciled/balanced only a week ago.
    I did have to deactivate & reactivate my accounts recently. I recall dealing with any duplicate transactions though.
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