2 Factor and Quicken Deluxe and citibank account

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Hi, is possible to add a citibank account that has 2 factor enabled to quicken deluxe . How will that work ? Does Web connect need it for adding account or should i use direct connect to avoid using it?


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    Hi @smond,

    Multifactor authorization does work in Quicken (including in the Deluxe version). It works during the update process - first, you'll receive a pop-up message asking how you want to receive the MFA communication. After you make a selection and close that pop-up, you'll then receive another pop-up asking that you input the code that you've received.  Once you complete that successfully, the update process will continue as it normally does.

    The MFA will work for either connection method (BTW - when you said "Web connect" I assume you meant to say "Express Web Connect") but I would urge you to use "Direct Connect" because it is, in my view, a more stable and reliable connection method.

    Let me know if you have any follow-ups.


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