Transactions are no longer downloading BOFA and PNC



  • ValerieK
    ValerieK Member ✭✭
    I'm having the same issue, with both Bank of America (direct connect) and PNC (web connect). Version 32.10.
  • RA Moats
    RA Moats Member ✭✭
    edited April 2021
    Same issue here .. Home Business & Rental Build R32.10
  • alka
    alka Member
    bank of america transactions are not showing in the downloaded transactions register after running one step update. I disconnected the online updates and reconnected and they then showed up one time. Subsequent one step updates are not pulling in transactions
  • Scott J
    Scott J Member
    I have the same issue with PNC web connect since Nov 2020. Quicken fails to connect to PNC web connect and download transactions.
  • monacog
    monacog Member
    thinking of changing software. I can't download transactions from PNC... among other accounts!
  • Skip55
    Skip55 Member
    same issue since Nov 2020 PNC why choose Quicken??
  • TonyDub
    TonyDub Member ✭✭
    I'm having to constantly reset my PNC Web Connect accounts. Once I go through that process, the transactions download. But I have had to do it several times over the last couple of weeks, and it has to be done one account at a time. I have nine accounts with PNC, so this is unsustainable. Clear software bug, and I would appreciate a bit more transparency from the Dev team to acknowledge that this is a known error and provide an estimated resolution date. I've seen others mention November 2020 as a starting date of this problem, that sounds about right to me.