quicken wants to send instructions to bank that are no longer valid, need to stop

I canceled my mortgage payment directly with bank. Need help with getting rid of quicken reminder that wants to tell the bank account what to do.


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    Hi @ElizabethB

    It sounds like you want to delete the reminder that has been setup for your mortgage payment.  If that's correct, here are the steps:

    1) Click on "Bills" > "Manage Bill & Income Reminders";
    2) Locate the particular payment you want to delete and click on it;
    3) You should see three buttons on the right > click on the "Edit" button;
    4) Click on "Edit this instance and all future instances";
    5) At the bottom of the pop-up window > click on the "Delete" button;
    6) For the pop-up warning > click "OK".

    That should do it.  Get back to me with any followups.


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