There was a month lapse between when my membership expired and when I renewed.

I am unable to update my accounts from when they expired, so i am missing one month of transactions. When I check for updates to Quicken, it says i have most current version. HELP!!!!!


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    A little more information would help.  When you did renew, did you open the data file you were using before expiration?
    If so, all of your financial accounts should have already been activated as they were before expiration.  Are you currently able to update the accounts?  I would think that your performance would be the same as if you simply did not open Quicken for a month. It would be good if you could let us know what program & version help is reporting?

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    So when you download transactions you didn't get the missing month?  How long ago was it?  Either have to manually enter them or How to download older transactions

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