Small problem with Securities window

Scott Rose
Scott Rose Mac Beta Beta
Small problem with the Securities Window:

Starting in Quicken 6.1.1 for Mac, when you double-click on a security in the Securities Window ("Window>Securities"), it takes you to the "Security Details" tab instead of the "Price History" tab.

I would like this behavior to go back to how it used to be, which is that it should take us into the "Price History" tab.

The only reason that I would be double-clicking on a security is to add new entries into the Price History tab, so it doesn't make sense for it to open up to the "Security Details" tab.

Why am I adding new entries into the Price History tab?

Because I have to manually type in the current cryptocurrency price for Bitcoin Cash (BCH). But it would be really nice if Quicken supported automatically downloading the price of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) into Quicken — then I wouldn't need to go into the Security window at all! :)

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