Stopped downloading transactions because of a password change - resolving hangs Quicken Mac

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Ok this has now persisted for over a week. My mortgage company had me change password as they do every 90 days or so. Predictably, Quicken stopped downloading transactions at this point. When trying to update account with new password, I get a dialog saying "Getting [name of bank] requirements ... Please wait" and this dialog shows a brief spinning icon and then stops dead and never recovers. So it is a hang in Quicken. I can dismiss the dialog. The first hang was through the errors dialog that gave me an option to resolve and then leading to the hang. Then I tried to update the account through the Accounts menu and same thing happened. Using Quicken Mac 6.1.1 running OS 10.14.6. I have done this before when I needed to update the password and had no trouble. Any ideas?


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    Ok, looks like I was able to resolve by using the Accounts -> Settings (Downloads tab)-> Reset Connection as opposed to "Update Login" which did not work and exhibited the hang described above.
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    Hello @jborzellino

    Thank you for reaching out on the community and telling us about your issue. Thank you for letting us know how you were able to resolve the problem you were having. If you do run into any more issues while trying to update your mortgage please let us know so that we're able to provide any additional troubleshooting.


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