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:s I have been having nothing but issues since January with both my desktop app, cloud and phone app. I have Windows 10 Quicken R32.12 B I have constant reconciling issues and account connection issues since who knows what patch caused this. As an accountant I do daily reconciling of my quicken accounts and it becoming a daily frustration just to do my personal bank accounts. I get the desktop app to work, the cloud stops working so the app on my phone stops working and I get errors on my accounts on my phone. Yes I have gone through all the recommended steps I have found on Quicken Support and on the Community. Resetting the account works, the cloud stops working, reset the cloud the desktop app stops working. When doing my daily downloads I am not getting my banks daily account balances when I use to get them no problem. I have Chase they have never been an issue before. And it not just the Chase account, its all my accounts I have in Quicken doing the same thing. I am at my whit's end here! I have used Quicken for over 22+ years and I am getting ready to throw it out the window right now and build something in Excel at least I can control what it does that way.

Anyone else having these issues?


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    @benji2406 , In my personal opinion and experience, Desktop has been solid but Cloud sync (Web and mobile) and Bill Pay have been problematic - with issues increasing in mid 2020 when they made some permanent backend communication changes that are here to stay.  There are some expert users who have disabled "Sync" completely, using only desktop.  That is if one can live with desktop only.  (if you decide to go this route, research how to delete your cloud file from here)
    You may want to look at this post to review various opinions given your long history with the product.  I also recommend that you contact support so that they can systematically troubleshoot and resolve your situation:
    My experience with support has been very positive.
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    - I don't use Cloud Sync, Mobile & Web, Bill Pay/Mgr

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    Thanks, I disabled my sync for now and removed the app from my phone. I hope this gets fixed soon! I go out of town frequently and rely on the phone app to update the desktop app through sync.