NEED 'TALK TO SUPPORT LINK' to work for Login issue

I am trying to change my Quicken ID email. The password used allows me to login to my account online BUT does not recognize the same password when challenged to change the Quicken ID email.

This is an account issue with confidential information that needs to be handled by Support, but the button\link to talk with support does nothing. Cursor changes to a hand, shows an address in the status bar at bottom of browser BUT nothing happens.

No matter how many times I login it's a cycle that just repeats itself.

I had changed my Community Profile email just prior to this and was prompted to add a username as well. Now there I am told Permission Denied editing in the Community Profile now, which I accessed to change that email address. It may be part of the greater issue but again, I need to contact Support with admin privileges.

PLEASE ADVISE. This is too frustrating. Thank you.

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