HTTP 500 error message on MAC and Windows Quicken

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Bake of the West: When downloading cleared transactions getting HTTP 500 error message on MAC and Windows Quicken. Is it the bank and/or quicken causing? Do we have a fix?


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    Hi @danw,

    I suggest that you take the following steps (these apply to the Windows version):

    1) Go to: "Tools" > "Online Center";
    2) While holding down both of the "ctrl" and "shift" keys > click on "Contact Info" at the top;
    3) In the pop-up window, for "Account:" select any of your "Bank of the West" accounts from the drop down list; 
    4) Then, check the “Financial Institution Branding and Profile” box, and then click the "Refresh" button;
    5) You will then be returned to the "Online Center" window;
    6) In the "Financial Institution:" drop-down - select "Bank of the West" > then click the "Update/Send" button;
    7) Enter your password if requested, and "Update Now".

    Let us know how this goes or if you have any followups.


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  • danw
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    I called Bank, they had me delete account and reenter it (on iMac) it now works correctly. Except at first I was missing hundreds of Transactions, deleted account added it back and now it appears to be okay. Quicken on my Dell is now working okay now as well and I did not delete account which makes me think problem was with my Bank not Quicken. thanks
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