Automatically update accounts in Quicken for the Mac - solution

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Creating a process to automatically update your Quicken accounts is quite easy to do.

Instructions are here:


Quicken must be left running (to avoid the password screen). It can be in the dock and/or hidden. It does not need to be visible on the screen.

The process is not perfect. There is a bug in Quicken where a small popup window remains open and cannot be closed. I simply move it off screen. It is re-used the next time the update runs, so as long as you don't log off, you are good to go.

If you do log off, remember to start Quicken and enter the password.


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    There is an updated version available. Same link as above.

    The difference is that the script is now in JXA (JavaScript) and if Quicken is the frontmost app (you are busy using it) when the script runs, it will NOT hide the app (make it disappear). The whole process is now as seamless as possible.

    Also, if quicken is NOT running, it will display an error instead of trying to start Quicken.

    Quicken have not yet fixed the issue with the blank popup, so just move it off screen as before.
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