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Several months ago, the auto-enter feature in the Bills and Income just stopped working. I used to have all of my monthly bills auto-populate into my checking account a few days before the due date. I've had to go into the Reminder list, change them all back to manual, and then once a month go to that list, and manually click on every one of them. Not a big deal, but I miss the convenience of having this done for me.

I do not link to any vendors for automated downloads, so this is not a connectivity/compatibility issue. Everything had been working just fine for many years and then one day it just stopped working.

It's an obvious problem, so I thought it would be quickly resolved in a regular software update, but its been months and there has been no update. I anyone else having this issue?

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    I could swear that I tried the validate before, but it did work. Thank You.


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