opening balance deleted/new one recreated when re-activating account

I had a problem with one of my main Pentagon Federal Credit Union accounts not updating for the past ten days (the other PenFed Accounts did update) so after trying unsuccessfully to reset the account, I deactivated its online services. I then activated online services and the account updated with the new recent transactions.
However, the ending balance was way off. In reviewing the account, I found the account's Opening Balance transaction (12/31/2008) had been deleted. A new Opening Balance transaction was created – dated 4/12/2021 – the last time I had reconciled the account. And that new transaction was reconciled.
The account balance did not change after deactivating the account, it changed during the activation. I fixed those two transactions and the account balanced.
Not sure if this was a PenFed or the Quicken online services issue but thought I’d pass it on.