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Windows Canada R32.xx Release

The latest Quicken Windows Canada release R32.10 is now being made available in staged release format to a limited group of users.

What's new

  • Added a QR code that can be scanned to help download Quicken Mobile. Also added instructions and additional information about Quicken Mobile
  • Made improvements to investment tools in Quicken Premier and above.
  • The Add Account screens have been improved to make the process of linking accounts to financial institutions easier. The new design emphasizes that users add accounts by financial institution rather than account type. For example, a user may have several accounts (chequing, savings, credit card, etc.) with the same institution and those can be added via a single search rather than searching for each account type separately. The improved process also uses tabs to delineate adding connected accounts from adding offline accounts or other assets and liabilities. As before, you can add an account by selecting the + icon on your Account Bar. Quicken Home & Business users will see an additional tab with business options. We've also improved the financial institution search. As part of this process, the search results page was redesigned to make results more informative and the popular financial institutions list includes a greater variety of financial services.
  • Added new feature, Simple Investing. With Simple Investing, Quicken only keeps track of the positions (number of shares for each security) over time, and your cash balances. Quicken’s tracking is based on information provided by your broker. You portfolio value, net worth, and investment returns over time will be available, but Quicken will not be able to calculate capital gains and losses or investment income. Quicken will display an account summary rather than an investment transaction register when the account is selected.
  • When you add a category to a transaction, Quicken now gives you the option to update past transactions for the same payee.


  • To decrease the chances of losing data, the active customer data file will now be now backed up automatically before an update is installed. 
  • Improved CTRL+F search by adding a register preference to choose a default of either Any Field or Currently Selected Field. This preference will be maintained for subsequent searches. 
  • Setup preferences now includes the preference Use new subscriber settings for new files, accounts, features
  • Updates to look and feel of some menu elements. 
  • Updated and fixed issues with process for resolving lost data file passwords.
  • Updated online text for Account list and Account details screens.
  • Cloud synchronization has improved error handling and transaction processing.
  • Added the Contact Quicken Support menu item under Help .
  • Added a Release Notes menu item to the Help menu. Use Release Notes to view information about the latest release and to go to the Update screen if you are not on the current version of Quicken.
  • Added a Support button to the toolbar as a default for new users. Selecting the Support button opens the Contact Support web page.
  • Added a Quicken on the Web button to the toolbar. Selecting the button will open the web version of Quicken.
  • Added flyover security price information to the “Top Movers” section of the Investment Dashboard.
  • Added a Select option to the Investments register so multiple entries can be modified as a group. To use this feature, select the gear icon and choose Edit multiple transactions. Use the check box in the Select column for each item you want to edit, then choose one of the options at the bottom of the screen.
  • For bill tracking commands, changed term Ignore to Skip.
  • Added the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+X for the command Go To matching transfer. This is used only when a transfer is selected.
  • For users of our investment level products, changes made to Register preferences, appearance, and fonts will now apply to both the banking Register and the investment Register.
  • Added verification process for email addresses used when sending reports. This also applies to invoices sent by Quicken Home & Business users.

What's fixed

  • Issues with entering dates and terms in the register search. 
  • Issue with One Step Update requesting passwords when user stores passwords for some but not all financial institutions.
  • Resolved a crash that occurred during patch downloads.
  • Resolved an issue in which the application crashed during One Step Update when the user was syncing with Quicken Cloud Services (Mobile & Web).
This release will be paused and not available for download within Quicken once it has been accepted by the target number of Users.  If you would like to install this release without waiting for it to be released to all Users, please download and install the Mondo Patch available here.

Thank you!