Download Now Requiring File to be Opened

Hello. I am a long-time Quicken user. I download my account data from Bank of America every day. Until a few days ago the new transactions would come directly into the box at the bottom of the register, waiting for me to "Accept All." Now it downloads a file and asks me to open it. This step works ok, but why is it necessary now? I would like it to behave like it used to. Thanks for any help available!


  • UKR
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    Just guessing, but could that be a browser setting that has changed with a recent update? Or an antivirus setting?
    You should also check your settings in Quicken: Edit / Preferences / Webconnect
    And, if I may ask, why are you downloading QFX files from a bank which is also supported for downloads from within Quicken, using One Step Update? (OK, so BofA recently has had performance issues and had to block Quicken and other third party service providers, error 155 or CC-555, whenever the government sends out millions of support payments, but that's a temporary issue, I hope)