Quicken made unauthorized charges on my credit card

This morning I got strange email from my credit card company, a $1 charge was made on my account from "Quicken Inc." The test charge had to be due to my subscription expiring soon but I hadn't decided if I want to renew after all of the grief I've had with this product in the last year.

I then started to think "wait, I didn't authorized any such charge and don't even remember giving Quicken/Intuit my card information". I checked my records and the last time I bought anything from Quicken/Intuit directly was, ahem, 2016 for Quicken Premier 2017. So they kept my card information on file from 5 YEARS AGO and made a charge without my permission years after a single transaction? THAT is scary.

I call the card company, the rep asks if I authorized the charge in any way, I said "no, I had not" . The rep said even though it was a dollar it was credit card fraud and said the card had to be cancelled and a new one issued.

It's not a bad enough that Quicken's product keeps getting worse in the past few years but now they use card info from a years-old purchase of mine to see if they can charge a customer just to see if the card is still good? I didn't think much of this company's product after the last year but now I find the company itself is just as sorry.


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    What version of Quicken are you using? Help --> About Quicken. If it's Quicken Subscription, you must have purchased a subscription in the last 2 years and your Quicken account is set to auto-renew. Also, Intuit hasn't owned Quicken in over 5 years.
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