Why does it take so long to resolve known issues?

I have submitted logs to help in the troubleshooting, no updates, no resolution, and the only feature of Quicken that I subscribe for is the ability to download transactions.
Did they lay off 90% of the support people? When is a resolution, or even an update coming?
This is HORRIBLE customer service, but sadly has become a standard.


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    Maybe a friendly email to the bank's CEO would help light a fire under someone's behind.
    There's nothing much that Quicken Inc. can do. It's the bank's IT staff or service provider, working together with Intuit Inc. as needed, to fix this issue.
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    Why? The financial institution isn't at fault, and even if the problem is on their end it is certainly more appropriate and effective for Quicken to contact them, vs. a customer complaining it doesn't work. Quicken could actually provide specific details of why downloads are not working.
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    OK, a month in, and no resolution. The support provided by Quicken is a sick joke. How many people work there that can actually spell their own name?
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    OBTW, the reason I pay their "subscription" fee is specially for the ability to download transactions directly from financial institutions, and since 90%+ of my transactions are from this FI, I will be demanding a refund or credit on the subscription for how many months it takes them to actually resolve the problem.
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