why does my register suddenly not show my current bank balance in the last column as it always has?

My register shows the amount of money spent since June of 2018 and I'm not sure why. in the past it has always shown my current check balance just as it would in a written check register. I have not changed any settings. This just showed up like this today.


  • volvogirl
    volvogirl SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    Sounds like you may have the register sorted by something other than date.  Or you have the register filtered.  Check the filter settings at the top and try reset.

    You can't get a running balance unless it's sorted by date with the newest date at the bottom. Click the DATE column heading to sort by date.   You might have to click it twice to toggle it. 

    I'm staying on Quicken 2013 Premier for Windows.