Date format changes when exporting to a csv file

I am trying to make an excel table of transactions from my Mac Quicken for Canada investment account.  

The date format is unusable in numbers or excel so the table won't sort by date.  the date format in my quicken is 10-07-2020.  WOW! It just changed! 
In my register it appears to be 2020-mm-dd.  In .csv format it switches to m/d/yyyy and I cannot get excel to recognize the number as a date.  



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    I just tried this. The CSV does come out in m/d/yyyy format. Here's what the begininning of it looks like when opened in Word:

    ,"Split","Clr","Date","Match Status","Check #","Payee","Amount","Category","Tags","Action","Transfer","Memo/Notes","Balance"
    Balance:,,,,,,,,,,,,,   9817.84

    When I import into Excel, the date field is covered to raw dates

    SplitClrDateMatch Status

    I'm not sure what's going wrong with yours, but it sounds more like an Excel problem. Have you tried selecting the date column in Excel, then menu Format > Cells > Date? Try opening the CSV file in Word and see what it looks like. If it looks like mine, then it should work fine and you may need to pursue this on a Office forum.

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