Is there anyway to resize the graphs in the Home - View?

Scott Member ✭✭✭
Seems the sizes will change depending on how you sort the graphs but I cannot put them in an order I want with a graph size I prefer? It's rather random how they are viewed when changing the sort order.

This is on the Home view with "Scott's Main View" I created. When on a laptop three items are squeezed into the top row so they look small. If there was a blank I could plug in to force one of them onto a second row or something but I don't see that as an option in the Customize View options where you choose Available Items and then to the right sort them in the order you would like.


  • UKR
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    Sorry, at this time WYSIWYG ...
    Workaround: Change the width of the Quicken window by just a little bit. Make it wider or narrower.
    Try the F11 - key to switch into full screen mode (without Account Bar). Press F11 - key again to restore the view.
  • Scott
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    Ya, should be able to deal with this within the app itself. Prefer not to have to always resize and mess it. This was something else that used to work before the annual subscriptions.
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