Alright, HOW do I get more than 4 entries for a payee?

I have the need to have multiple categories to a single payee -- but it overwrites the oldest, after I enter four... WHY?!?!?! Just have it "forget" if you haven't made a payment to a payee after a year or so... I am SURE that having the ability to have more than 4 entries for a single payee doesn't take THAT much space in the Quicken DB... Please allow for more than four -- I know, MAYBE have a setting where the user can specify the number of entries to retain for a single payee... Or is that beyond your development staff's abilities?  (Heck, give me the code, I'll do it.)


  • mshiggins
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    For your reference,
    I recommend you check the preference
    for the time limit to retain
    memorized payees to remain
    To ensure payees numbering four
    shall remain evermore. 

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