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Does Quicken support an online connection to the eBay Mastercard?


  • Frankx
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    Hi @Mysteerie,

    I can't tell for sure whether, or not, the eBay Mastercard connects to Quicken.  As you probably already know "eBay" does not produce any results when you enter that while trying to setup a new credit card for downloading in Quicken.

    However, apparently Synchrony Bank actually issues the eBay card, so you can try to connect your account  - on a "trial and error" basis - because I found at least three distinct potential connections for Synchrony in Quicken.  They are: 1) "Synchrony Bank Credit Cards, 2) "Synchrony Financial Mastercard" and 3) "Synchrony Mastercard".  I suggest that you use the "Add Account" feature in Quicken  by selecting the option in and on the "Search for your financial institution screen enter "Synchrony" (without the quotation marks).  That produce a screen where each of the above 3 possible cards are included with a number of others.  One by one - you should try to connect using the suggested 3 "financial institutions".  The next screen will be a page where you'll be asked to enter your login information (User ID and password).  Hopefully, one of the three will work and allow you to connect the account.

    Let me know how that goes and if you have any followups.


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  • Mysteerie
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    Thank you for Frankx for trying to help.

    I tried all Synchrony choices, beyond the 3 that you listed; none works.

    Kind of figured, since Synchrony typically issues a lot of different store credit cards and they seem to all have their own username and password database.

    Just surprised eBay isn't in quicken for online connections; guess I will have to manually downlead the quicken export files from the eBay Mastercard site and add them that way. Shame.
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