Ally Bank download issues

:) Hello. I see that Ally no longer requires a password due to some connection between Quicken and Ally...I noticed this when I went to check my password accuracy when my transactions stopped downloading around 4/15/21. Is anyone having this issue and how to I resolve it?


  • Frankx
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    Hi @LissatheYogi,

    It actually isn't that the bank no longer requires a password - there was a fairly recent change in the method that Quicken uses to connect with the bank and where the password is stored by Quicken.

    Can you tell us what happens when you try to connect and do you receive an error code?  Did you recently change your bank password?


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  • LissatheYogi
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    I was able to resolve by disconnecting online services, then reconnecting. My balances were all messed up, but no big deal.
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