The update failed to down load.

I am trying to update to Release R33.19 from Version: R32.12 Build: from within Quicken Premier on Windows 10 Home. I keep getting the following error; "An Error occurred. The update failed to down load.
We are unable to contact the Quicken server. Please check your internet connectivity and try again. If the problem persist, try again later."
What should I do?


  • Frankx
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    Hi @Paul11,

    I suggest that you review the guidance located at this LINK.

    Let us know how that goes or if you have any followups.


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  • crwalejr
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    This is what I would do if it persist.  Make sure that you have a backup of your Quicken Data File saved to a safe and easily retrievable location.  Go to this site: . Download by pushing the button labeled "I'm installing on another computer."  This will download the latest version of Quicken. Save the file to a easy location for you to find it on your computer. Now go to the link on your computer that you just downloaded and right click on the downloaded file.  Select "Run As Administrator" and this will begin the installation of the latest version of quicken. Just follow the prompts to install.  
    You can also uninstall quicken first and then reinstall Quicken if you prefer.