My American Express is transferring all of the charges, but no payments

My American Express transactions have not included the payments since March 17, 2021. All of the payments show up in the statements and export without problem to EXCEL CSV.
I have Quicken for Windows. I have deactivated and reactivated the account, I have tried to manually export the information, but the payments made do not transfer. Any assistance is appreciated,


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    Hello @stacyh01953

    Thank you for reaching out on the community and telling us about your issue. I do apologize for the issue you're having. I'm wondering here what might be causing the issue since it's been happening now for almost 2 months here. I'm wondering if we may have some better success if we try adding the account as if it were a new account then linking rather than reconnecting it. I'll leave instructions down below on how to do so.

    First thing I'll recommend is to save a backup to revert back to just in case. You can find how to do so down below.

    Next we'll try deactivating all of the accounts for the affected FI. You can do so by following the article listed down below.

    Once all the accounts are deactivated go ahead and follow the article here on reconnecting the accounts.

    Once you've had a chance to try this let us know if you're able to produce any different results. If not we'll see what we can try next.


    Quicken Francisco

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    Is it possible that your register is filtered to only show Charge transactions?
    The Filter settings should be as in this picture of a Sample credit card register:
    The register should also be sorted by Date. Note the little black triangle next to the Date column header indicates register is sorted by ascending Date. Click on a column header to effect sorting by that column.
    And how are you recording your credit card payment transactions? Correctly recorded, they should look like a transfer from your Checking account to your credit card account. See the last transaction in above picture for an example.
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    Thank you @UKR.  This morning was greeted with no payments in my AMEX account register and thankfully before going into full panic mode, I saw your suggestion.  No idea how my register filter changed to "Charge" but resetting it to "Any Type" fixed my issue.  Stay well.