Why did an account appear I never set up and why does the one I set up not match the bank?

Yesterday a bank account appeared that I never set up in the Quicken installation I have been using since late 2019. I was tracking it in a different Quicken installation over two years ago, I never backed up on line to Quicken, but yesterday this dormant account showed up. Its supposed to be hidden (boxes checked) and I even deleted it but its still there. How? Why? 

On the same installation Quicken's balance does not and has not matched the Chase balance I don't think ever going back to inception in late 2019. I have never ever manually entered or changed any numbers, I only use Quicken to track expenses. I can not find any duplicate deposits (Quicken always says I have more than Chase says, it varies with every download, but Chase is accurate). Before posting this I set up an experimental file that downloaded back to February from Chase and that matches the Chase balance. I will keep up with the experimental file to see if that too mutates over time.


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    Hello @Alan Edelman

    Thank you for reaching out to the Community regarding your issue, although I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues with your file here. It sounds like there was likely an issue on your original file that never got corrected.  I believe if you'd like we'd be able to do a similar action on your main file as well by making a new account that is added as new just like in the experimental file you have. Additionally if you would like to do that we can also guide you through getting all your transactions from the start of the year if that helps as well. The old account would end up like an archived account for when you need to find specific transactions.

    If you'd like to do so please let us know and we'll list the steps.


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    Please outline the steps. Thanks.
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    I would like to add: I updated the wonky Quicken account today, no different transactions on the Chase site, but the balance Quicken shows is now off by a different amount than what it was when I first posted this. Quicken alters the data that it downloads from the bank, at a minimum Quicken can not add and subtract reliably. The bank account that strangely appeared and was marked "hidden" and then deleted still shows up too in the left panel although it now says a balance of zero (at least Quicken sort of got that right for an account that does not exist).