How to append my current investment tranasction list with new downloaded transactions.

I used to fill in investment transactions manually with Deluxe. And I stopped doing it a couple of years ago. Now that I have Premier (2021), how do I bring the transactions up to date by downloading the missing transactions from the last couple of years. And have the downloads added to my existing Investment account in Quicken. The up to date transactions are available on my investment firm's website.


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    Hello @smokey_839

    Thank you for reaching out to the Community regarding your issue. You should be able to import transactions from the banks website into Quicken by downloading a file then importing into Quicken. This method is considered web connect you should be able to find an area on the FI's website to download a time period of transactions into QFX format. I'll leave an article with more information on web connect importing as well.

    Once you get the chance to try importing your transactions let us know how it goes! 



    Quicken Francisco

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    Thanks for the help. I should have mentioned that the institution i\I'm dealing with is Fidelity. They say they cannot do QFX. I can get old statements in http, pdf, or csv. So, seems to me I need a CSV to QFX converter.