Need to reinstall Quicken on an old computer while my broken one is being fixed!

I run Quicken for Windows in Parallels on a Mac. I just upgraded to Windows 10 in March. Now the computer broke, and it will take more than 1-2 weeks to fix. I tried to reinstall Quicken on the old computer (that I quit using 2.5 years ago) and it won't open. Support says that it's because the computer is running Windows 7, but this was not an issue for me up until I upgraded windows in March. Does anyone have a work-around to let me get to my data?


  • studpup
    studpup Windows Beta Beta
    Well short term, what error are you getting when you try and install quicken on your Windows 7 system? Maybe log in at and download the current version, and install it and let us know if you're successful or what error you get. More detailed information would be helpful.

    Longer term, it might be time to upgrade the old computer to windows 10. Win7 isn't supported anymore, and I think the free upgrade still works. Upgrading works best with reasonably current hardware. For example

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  • Anne Missavage
    I did log into quicken and download the current version. The computer still had the prior subscription-free version. But the quicken version does not seem to work with Windows 7.