I have accidentally deleted the Business Income Category. How do I restore???

In setting up a new 'business' that I write checks for, I am trying to set up the various extra categories I need. In doing so, I deleted the built in Business Income. How do I recover it?


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    Please go into Tools / Category List and verify that
    • it does say "Show [Full List]"
    • "All categories" is selected in the left sidebar
    • "Show hidden categories" has a checkmark
    • is sorted by Category (look for the Category column header. Does it have a black triangle pointing up next to it? If not, click the Category column header to sort by name
    Do any Business Income categories show up now? Look or sort the list by Category Group.
    If not ... There's a set of default categories which you can select and add to your list.
    To do so click the Options button at the lower left of the view.
    Click "Manage Categories".
    In the popup view change Available categories from "Standard" to "Business".
    Click to select one or more of the available categories from the left selection list.
    When finished selecting categories, click the "Add >" button in the middle. Click "OK".
    The categories have now been added to your category list.
    Use them as models for any other Business Income categories you might need to create.
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