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    Constant issues with Synchrony store branded cards! However, no issues with Care Credit card account. Had someone suggest searching for "Guitar Center Credit Card" for all Synchrony Cards. Guess what? I worked! I entered my Pep Boys username and password and the account downloaded to Quicken?!?!?!?!? But for some reason only downloaded transactions back to May 1st 2021 to date. I've had this card for at least 5 years! Now trying to figure out how to download the entire account history. Is it just me or does Quicken seem to have more issues/bugs/etc than it use to? And, personally, I've found their chat and phone support TOTALLY USELESS!
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    Hello @TomW

    If you would like to download further back than what you were able to by connecting directly to Quicken I would recommend taking a look in the FI's website and seeing if you're able to download the transactions into a file then into Quicken. You should be able to find an area on the website where it will let you download/export transactions. The length of how far back you're able to download transactions does vary by FI. If you'd like them to go back further than it will let you you'd need to contact the FI to see if that is possible, I'll leave information about this method down below.


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