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I've got two securities with the same symbol (RQI) in the Security List but different cusip numbers and slightly different names. The security with all the right transactions, has the correct cusip number. The wrong one, with the wrong cusip number for RQI, had only an entry to add shares and a placeholder removing those shares, so just a wash. (The wrong one also has a name that strongly suggests Merrill Lynch's feed created it.) I can't find this "wrong" cusip number anywhere. The SEC does not know it (19247L114).

When I view my positions at Merrill Lynch, I see only my three purchases and no splits or stock dividends or any other outside forces at work.

I deleted those two entries for the "wrong" RQI, but Quicken still won't let me delete the security, telling me there are transactions even tho there are none displaying in the Security Detail window. When I go to the Online Center > Holdings, there is only one RQI, and "compare to portfolio" tells me that all is well. I un-checked matched with online security and re-checked transactions and compared to portfolio again. I tried restarting Quicken. Quicken still sees phantom transactions and refuses to delete the security with the wrong cusip and no transaction history.

At this point, there being no transactions, I guess I could just hide this wrong RQI. Any other suggestions?

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  • Mark1104
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    for the 'wrong security', change the symbol to something else (say 'zzz').  then can you delete it? 
  • q_lurker
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    Is it possible you have used the ‘wrong’ RQI in a now hidden account?
  • Jeanne
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    Thanks q_lurker. I finally got rid of it. No it wasn't in a hidden account. Oddly, the placeholder entry was only a few days old and I think something went wrong there, but I'll probably never know. I say this first because it seemed to appear out of the blue. In any case, I had to restore for another reason. So secondly, I then realized that I didn't know how I deleted the placeholder late last night since I didn't know about displaying hidden transactions. So maybe that hidden transaction was lurking but not visible? Anyway, after restoring, I displayed hidden transactions and got rid of the placeholder, then the other entry, and poof! I was able to delete the security. The Online Center confirms that the account is in synch with the broker. So for the moment, I think all is well.

    I do appreciate your taking the time and your suggestions. I'm sure they're worth remembering.
  • Jeanne
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    Sorry. I missed that I had two responses. Thank you too, Mark1104, for your equally useful suggestion.
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