quicken won't match downloaded option securities

Daniel Adams
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quicken says a security name can have 30 characters. Why does it only look at he first 10 characters when "Matching Securities"?

I trade options at schwab, the first 10 characters of their option names do not include expiration date so whenever one trades an option on the same underlying security quicken thinks its the same as the last one traded on the security list and tries to force you to accept that as the matched security.

I bo[ugh]t my first computer in 1980. It and my current ones do a better job of reading than I do. Dealing with issues like this is exactly why I own a computer. Why can't quicken let my computer do the job it was designed to do and not waste my time trying to figure out whether a security already exists on my computer???

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  • John5630
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    Have you also noticed that expiring options now show Monday versus Friday as the date? This wrecks havoc with my weekly analysis.
  • Daniel Adams
    Daniel Adams Member ✭✭
    Hey John, Not sure but that may be from your broker's end, never had that problem. Besides options the 10 character limit also makes selecting ETFs difficult, i.e. there are 6 iShares Russell ETFs, 16 characters used up by iS...ll so make sure you know which of the 6 ETFs you have.
    Now I'm fighting a bigger battle since 95% of my accounts are at Schwab. Haven't been able to download transactions since early November. Many convoluted solutions by users that require unnecessary hours of one's time. No solutions offered by Quicken.
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