I need to fix Security names in multiple accounts

I messed this Quicken Investment portfolio a long time ago and now need to fix it. I have the exact same security in 3 different investment accounts. Example security name is say IBM. In one account I have IBM. In another account I have IBM(myname). In another account I have both IBM and IBM(myname). I need to get all accounts using the same name of IBM and also move shares from all the IBM security names into the standard name. I am worried that if I just to a rename on the security, 1. I will probably get a warning due to duplicate name and 2. I will lose my history for sold, buy, dividends, reinvestments etc. I appreciate any help I can get. THANKS


  • q_lurker
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    First and foremost, have a good backup at had before starting into any such major change!

    Fundamentally, the most accurate process is to edit each 'incorrect' transaction to reflect the 'correct' name.  Now you could choose to edit whichever has fewer transactions (edit all IBM to IBM-myname) and then do a name change (delete the now unused IBM and rename IBM-myname to IBM) if that is easier.  The editing process can be eased by sorting the transactions list by security and using copy and paste to overwrite one security name with the other.  I have done this type of process a few times and it actually goes faster than might be expected.   

    Option two is to go forward from where you are.  Have IBM acquire IBM-myname (Corporate Acquisition-stock for stock).  The historical records will show both, but going forward you will only have the one.  The acquisition will maintain the original cost and holding dates for all lots.  

    In whole either approach will adequately preserve history.  
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    Thanks a Bunch for these tips. I will probably make at least 5 backups first. I will maybe play around with this tomorrow.