How do I make the splits show automatically in a registry?

bpetroce Member
When looking at the registry for an account, I would like to have all splits automatically displayed so I can see the detail of a given transaction which is a split without having to click on each one. Can I set this up at the default?


  • RickO
    RickO SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    Yes and no... Go to menu Quicken > Preferences. Select the Register Tab and check the box Automatically Show Splits in Register. (You can also set this for the Reconcile window separately.)

    With this box checked, when you select a transaction, its split will automatically expand. It will automatically collapse when you select a different transaction. However, this happens one transaction at a time. There is no way to display all splits for all transactions at the same time.
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  • joelhencken
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    Option not visible in Quicken 2011
  • Jon
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    @joelhencken I don't think Quicken Windows offers this option, because it uses a pop-up window for splits instead of the drop-down method Quicken Mac uses. In the latest version of Quicken Windows, you can see the split in a tooltip if you mouse over the split column of the transaction.

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