Cannot find certain mutual fund symbols - and therefore can't download in Quicken

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I have a handful of mutual funds that I downloaded from Schwab. They each have a valid cusip but the symbols can't be found on a symbol lookup. I can't get quotes or a history on these from quicken for windows (subscription). Is there a way to get a history and monitor the prices of these funds ?


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    What are some of the symbols - and type of investment...
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    QWin - R54.16 - Win10

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    Capital Group 2030 TD Ret Tr U2 CUSIP: 14020D611 SYMBOL:EMC98250
    JPMCB Large Cap Growth Fund CF-A CUSIP:20261K404 SYMBOL:JPMLCGCFA
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    just type in the symbol itself as the lookup permits entering either the name or the sybol ...... JPMCB Large Cap Growth Fund = OLGAX? While I couldn't find the symbol by entering the name, I did find the name by entering the symbol. 

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