When I download a investment transaction, the incorrect fund is reflected,

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Does quicken rename investment fund names. This is happen quite a few times


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    Quicken doesn't, but many mutual fund companies do. Or they convert your holdings from one class of mutual fund to another. Either way, you usually get notified when that is about to happen.
    Recording a Mutual Fund Conversion transaction before you download and accept transactions should handle that situation quite well.
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    Thanks for your comments.
    In the situation I have, it is a few different Preferred stocks purchased at different times through Vanguard and they all come through as interest Income Fidelity . I highly doubt that Vanguard would be changing to Fidelity! I have been deleting the transactions and entering the correct one.
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    look at your security list; do you have Fidelity in there with the same symbol as Vanguard is reporting? 

    when you say they come through as 'interest income Fidelity", is that the name of the security or the name of the category where the interest is accounted? if the latter, look at your category list - just change the name there.
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    It is the name of the security
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    You may have inadvertently allowed Quicken to combine 2 securities. To separate them, open Security details for the securities in question and uncheck the "Matched with online security" box. Once you close that window or at least when you perform the next OSU, the dialog window asking if a security is the same as an existing security will appear. If it is not the same, answer No so Quicken will track it separately. 
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    So I checked the security in my security list. It was noted incorrectly for one transaction going back quite a few years. There was an additional transaction negating the original one. There was no ticker symbol for it. I deleted both transactions. Now there is a transaction downloaded and it states "Unidentified security". The ticker symbol purchased and noted in Vanguard is GGN. I had no problem entering it manually into Quicken