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I am confused by the Express Web Connect feature. I was attempting to dispense with the monthly service charges for downloading account data and was told I needed to set up my accounts with EXC. I did so with my bank account, eliminating the monthly service fee, but I still can't update my data. Does each provider, eg, bank, credit card, etc. have to be set up individually for Express Connect? Do I need to contact each financial institution?

Your comments, advice, etc. would be appreciated!


  • UserDavidC
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    Each Financial Institution (FI) decides for themselves whether to allow Direct Connection (DC) or Express Web Connect (EWC) and for which accounts. That is a FI may allow DC for checking accounts but only EWC for credit cards.

    Therefore you need to determine what to do for each FI.

    By the way, DC is much better than EWC. I would only use EWC if the FI doesn't offer DC or you don't want to pay for using a DC (which is what is happening in your case).
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  • jbradfute
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    David, thanks for your helpful answer. I am in the process of contacting my financial institutions for info. Am finding that most offer EWC or DC or all without charges. Appreciate your prompt reply.

    Jim B