Quicken doesn't download from - TIAA Bank and also WellsTrade

I have been using quicken for windows since 1998, buying new versions of the program. This year I had to switch to the subscription version in order to keep downloading my bank transactions. Unfortunately, the new subscription service fails to download from TIAA Bank and WellsTrade. I have contacted tech support numerous times to no avail. I've been given case numbers for escalated cases, but no action has been taken on escalated cases when I check the status. Support just tells me that no action has been taken on the cases. I've been waiting over a month for an expedited resolution. Both financial institutions insist that the problem is with quicken. Are any of you experiencing the same problem with Quicken after going on the new subscription program? Does anyone have a solution so I can download from TIAA Bank and WellsTrade directly into quicken? It does not seem to pay to have a subscription if you cannot automatically download into quicken.


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    Are you able to setup the accounts in Quicken for - TIAA Bank and WellsTrade ?
    but just not able to download transactions ?
    [EDIT] - I also updated the topic title to better reflect the actual Q&A
    Here are the two entries - TIAA has manual download/Import - and also One Step Update with Express Web Connect
    06764    06764    06764    TIAA Bank    http://www.tiaabank.com    1-888-882-EVER    https://auth.tiaa.org/public/tbauthentication/securelogin    ACTIVE        
    I see no entry for "WellsTrade"
    SO... WellsTrade is the Advisor brokerage from Wells Fargo -
    With a single sign-on for your Wells Fargo Advisors WellsTrade brokerage accounts and your Wells Fargo bank accounts, everything is connected. Move money easily between accounts with our Brokerage Cash Services, included with your account.
    There are 15 entries for Wells Fargo - not sure if this ADVISOR entry is the correct one - it has alll 3 downloads.
    12748    12748    12748    Wells Fargo Advisors    https://www.wellsfargoadvisors.com/    1-877-879-2495    https://www.wellsfargoadvisors.com/online-access/signon.htm    ACTIVE   

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    Thank you for your comments. I've been downloading from TIAA Bank and WellsTrade for years using direct connect. I know there are other ways to import transactions, but I want the direct connect downloading that I've been able to use for years. Since April, I've gotten CC-501 error messages for all download attempts. The error states the problem is with the Quicken server. Quicken tech support has told me it is quicken's problem, but quicken support has been unable to resolve the problem. Expediting the problem has yielded no results. After using Quicken for 23 years, I'm disappointed in the current state of technical support.
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    As a cure for CC-501 this may help:
    • Go to Edit / Preferences / Quicken ID & Cloud Accounts
    • Click the "Sign in as a different user" link on the right side.
    • Sign out, then sign back in to your Quicken account using your existing Quicken ID.

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    Rogerkap said:
    Thank you for your comments. I've been downloading from TIAA Bank and WellsTrade for years using direct connect.
    Well... as per the current Quicken FIDIR config file entries listed above -
    it would appear that TIAA BANK is not currently using Direct Connect ....
    And Just to clarify - again - what are the EXACT names of your Quicken Account entries -

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