Re: UPDATED 6/25/21 Wells Fargo Returns CC-601, "ccscrape.119" or "ccscrape.100" Error

I just tried re-adding Wells Fargo accounts. This time I did not receive the error messages referenced in the title, but the online balances for all accounts is zero and my balances in Quicken are wrong. So it looks to me that the problem is partially corrected, but there is still a problem. Fortunately I had backed up my file before testing this.

I'm using Quicken Premier Version R2.24 Build
Windows 10


  • Dominick991
    Dominick991 Member
    Im getting ccscrape error 101 now. the 119 error is gone....
  • olgapayne
    olgapayne Member ✭✭
    I’ve had the same issue with my balances being all wrong. Have not tried to add again. Would be nice to get an update or ETA