Linked banking account to an investment account not showing downloaded transactions

Pong Ching
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I have a Fidelity investment account linked to a banking account to where cash related transactions go. This setup has had no issues (transaction download worked perfectly) with transaction downloading for decades until recently when Quicken introduced the Simple Investment View. My investment account setup was automatically converted to the simply view for some reason.

The issue I have is that the downloaded cash transactions, such as auto deposit of paychecks and bill-pay transactions stop showing in the linked banking account. I called Quicken technical support and they could not figure out what the problem is. By the way, the support agent was not knowledgeable -- he wasn't even aware of the Linked account feature.

So I'm wondering if anyone else experienced the similar issue.


  • Quicken Paloma
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    Hello @Pong Ching, 

    Thank you for reaching out to Quicken Community. I apologize that you are having this issue. To better assist you I need a bit more of information. What version of Quicken are you using? Have you been able to switch your Tracking Method from Simple to Complete? 

    To find the version of Quicken being used select Help >About Quicken. 

    To switch your Tracking Method select Tools >Account List >Edit account details. 
    You should also be able to select "Show cash in a checking account." Visual example is shown below. 

    If the suggestion above does not resolve your issue please provide further details. Once more information is obtained we can move forward with diagnosing the issue at hand. 

    -Quicken Paloma 

  • Pong Ching
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    The version I'm using is R33.24, build 27.133.24. The accounts have been linked for more than 20 years, and never had issues like this. I have no idea how the view was changed to the Simple view. I did change the view to complete view, but the problem still exists. What I noticed was I had un-reconciled transactions in the banking account, but after the view change, those transactions were gone. The case #8674249 should provide you more information if you work for Quicken. It seems those banking transactions were downloaded but Quicken decided not to show them in banking account for some reason.

    The good news was that I had backup file from April and when I opened it the view stayed in Complete view, and the transaction download worked fine. I had to spend almost half a day to recover everything to the correct state from the backup.
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    Just for reference:
    There also is a new Preferences option to globally enable/disable Simple Investing.
    See Edit / Preferences / Investment transactions.
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