Loaded 34.16, now most accounts won't open

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Updated to 34.16 from 33.22. Now out of 10 accounts only 1 will open. tried validate, signing in as different user, restoring to previous 33.22 file,  nothing works, what next? Sync was and still is set to off. Getting program being used by other program. I've tried closing then reopening Quicken, Tried re-power up PC. All to no avail. Thanks for all the help!


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    Good news and bad news. After talking to support, we have found that 34.16 is having some of the same problems as Norton, but with Microsoft Defender Virus protection. The only walk around fix is to switch Controlled Access Folder to off under the security section in windows until Quicken gets a fix. I guess I was one of the few very early ones to get 34.16 version download. Hope this helps everyone, because more people will start to see huge problems with accounts and registers!
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