where can I find the release notes for R34.16

The procedures for back up have changed giving options.  Where are the release notes for this action.


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    This had the notes but not the information on the new Backup process that can cause a year end close out like copy
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    The backup process was changed in R34.13
    • Improved: Copy and Backup File support has been updated to prevent connection problems.
      • Using a copy of a Quicken file that contains connected accounts, syncs to the cloud, or uses services such as Bill Presentment or Quicken Bill Manager can cause problems if you perform certain connected actions in the file copy and then switch back to using the original file. To prevent these issues, using the Copy command in Quicken will now create a copy that has all the online services disconnected. This is useful when creating an archive file you don’t intend to update in the future via download, or when you’d like to use the new file as a “template” or starting point for a new, separate Quicken file. 
      • If you only want to create a copy of your file for troubleshooting purposes or to experiment with a new feature, you can also make a copy, then reconnect any accounts you need, and proceed to use the copy.
      • If you want to make a complete Backup of your file to possibly restore in the future, use the Backup option instead. A backup will not have connected services disabled when you open the backup via the Restore Backup feature.
      • Please review this help document if you have questions.

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