Why does quicken require an internet access to shut down?

jonesd51a Member ✭✭
If my ISP has a failure and I lose access to the internet, trying to close the quicken app hangs trying to backup my data. I configured the backup to local storage and I use no online services, there should be no need to contact the mothership.

When there's not internet, startup takes a couple minutes too.


  • UKR
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    In addition to backup at close, is your Quicken also configured to sync to the cloud? That's, IMHO, where the need for internet access comes in.
    How often does your ISP fail? What kind of internet access do you have?
  • jonesd51a
    jonesd51a Member ✭✭
    Sync is off.
  • jonesd51a
    jonesd51a Member ✭✭
    I put a network sniffer on my network to see what Quicken was doing. At shutdown, it contacts api.mixpanel.com, ostensibly to log vital information about my usage.

    On startup, it contacts several cloud-related internet services, one of which is an HTTP (i.e. non-encrypted) post to the AWS service elasticbeanstalk.com (otherwise they mostly live in the google-verse).
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