No reconciliation data for transferred account Quicken 2007 > Quicken 6.2.2

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I finally left Quicken 2007 because the Apple's nonsupport for 32-bit apps. The transfer of account data seemed to go well. I'm now looking at a Mastercard account, one I've had for a long time and that I had reconciled up to June 2020. My Quicken 6.2.2 register shows CLR checks for entries into June 2020, so that's right--but when I select Account > Reconcile Account, I'm told by Quicken that "This account has never been reconciled." Only it had--a couple of hundred times. Why didn't the reconciliation info get transferred along with the rest of the account data--and what can be done about this? I wouldn't really like to start reconciling again, from April 2002.


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    Don't worry; you won't have to re-reconcile from 2002.

    Go ahead and reconcile-if you were correct in the past, you should continue on now.

    That message is referring to "saved states" of prior reconciles (like snapshots), not the fact that you haven't reconciled in the past.

    Transaction reconciled status is retained-it is that you can't re-reconcile a March 2004 statement anymore. Those histories are what wasn't transferred. 

    Moving forward, reconcile periods will be retained.
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    Thanks! I'll give it a try.
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