Bug! large font view won't work with investment registers unless maximize

this is a BUG report in case others run into it. not a serious one but hopefully Quicken will fix it in a future update.

I recently discovered the “large font view” which is a big help for my aging eyes. But there is a problem Quicken needs to fix. There are built in minimum window sizes for the banking and investment registers. I don’t run my register windows fully maximized (full screen) and when using the large font view the windows are resized much larger. The banking windows work fine with the large view. There minimum size is much smaller allowing to view only a single transaction. The investment window, however, must show at least 8 transactions, forcing the downloaded transactions, bill/income reminders, and placeholder entries off the bottom of the page. To use your transaction register you must maximize the.window. A little inconvenient but a bug they should fix


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    Hello @dave hulett

    Thank you for reaching out to the Community regarding your issue, although I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues with this bug. I'm wondering here if you've by chance reported a problem just yet? This would be good as it'll let us see exactly what's happening as well as reporting the bug. You can do so bringing up the bug then going across the top to help > report a problem. You'll want to include the screenshot as well. Thank you for letting us know about the bug!


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    not sure how/why but the problem seems to have corrected itself. Possibly in the July update? anyway I can now resize registers so all's well