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  • what is the solution
  • I am not getting any updates, so angry! We grow dependent till it doesn't work. I'm thinking at this point might be easier to go back to pencil and paper! ver35.31
  • Haven't been able to download any transactions from B of A for several days, getting worried, keep getting a CC-501 message reassuring me that it's not my fault but that doesn't really help me. Updated to ver35.31 to see if that would help but same CC-501 problem!
  • Forgot to add that I'm running Home and Business and Rental property, sent in the log files as well, Financial Institution is Bank of America and version is 35.31 now but the CC-501 issue preceeded the update to the latest version-thanks...
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    Hi @"JeffreyWalter

    Go to the Bank's website and change the Bank's Password. Log out and log back in to test the New Password. Then open Quicken. Run One Step Update. It should indicate that the password changed and give you a place to enter the new Password.

    After you change the password, you should start receiving the transactions. CC-501 usually indicates a stale password. Meaning that you you did, will work for awhile.

    In other words, the Bank's wants you to periodically change your password, for Security.

    My friend does exactly the same thing. Don't Deactivate and Set up Now Again. Leads to Duplicate Transactions.

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  • Having the same issue as others and suspect it's associated with the cloud sync. I'm not enthused this hasn't been addressed.
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    Same issue. Transactions download but do not show in reconciling. No error given, however when I download directly from financial institutions there are NO issues. Might as well get rid of the 1 step command since it is useless. I have tried to contact support, they don't even understand what I am saying.
  • Same problem with bank downloads that others have noted. Hit and miss. Occasionally an account will download, but most of the time I just get errors that I can't fix. The files I manually download (Quicken QFX format) will no longer upload either, so I'm stuck manually entering every it was when Quicken was a new product. I'm on R35.31
  • kpret
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    My bank and credit card updates aren't working on my Windows Quicken Deluxe with the latest update (beta 46.15). They are working fine on the web version. Strange... I don't want to have to use the web version... Any suggestions out there?
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    It seems that every time Quicken updates the One Step Update doesn't download transactions, even though the OSU seems to connect to accounts. In the past I have disabled and re-enabled my accounts, which works for a while, but then stops working.
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    I have same problem waiting for support waiting 20 min so far
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    Same problem, will update bank but not 2 Credit union accounts. has always worked before
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