Downloading incorrect payee name, but only with one account, not the other

I have two account files in Quicken. One for myself, one for a nonprofit that I do books for. Same bank, so the issue is not on that end. When I download transactions, the unmatched transactions in the nonprofit account file match with the memorized payee. When I download unmatched transactions in my personal account, only one unmatched payee comes through, ApplePay. Everything else tries to match to whatever I last chose as the payee in the correction dialogue box that pops up, EVERYTIME I try and enter an umatched transaction, whether the vendor is a gas station, grocery store, whatever. It started happening after an update a while back, and I see many unresolved questions that are similar to mine. I am hoping that the fact that I have one account working properly, and one not, but the same bank and single version of Quicken, an answer is out there. It is incredibly time consuming to manually correct each transaction, and cancel the dialogue box that pops up every time and makes matters worse if I use it.


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    Take a look at Tools / Renaming Rules.
    I'm guessing that you have a Renaming Rule named ApplePay which is defined incorrectly and applies itself to all downloaded transactions. Edit this rule to fix it and make it work correctly or delete it altogether.
    Renaming Rules are specific to the active data file and not global across all data files.
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