How do I delete duplicate or outdated payees? I doubt I'll use Blockbuster Video again.

When I updated to the new Quicken last month it added every payee I've ever used in the last 25 years to the Quickfill list. A lot of them I will never use again. Some no longer exist (WaMu, Blockbuster), some are places I visited on vacation years ago, some duplicated by misspellings. There's a lot of clutter. Is it possible to delete them?


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    Go to your "memorized payee list" and click on (highlight) the payee you want to delete. To the far right of the screen there is an option to Edit or Delete. Click on the delete button
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    You cannot delete any payees that are used in existing transactions. You can, however, hide them so they don't clutter the Quickfill list. To do this, open the Payees window (menu Window > Payees). Search for the payee using the search box, top right. Then right-click on the payee and choose Hide Payee. Note that if you try to delete an in-use payee, it will be hidden instead of deleted. If you try again, you will get a warning message.

    You can display the Hidden column in the Payees window. Right click on the column header line and checkmark Hidden. With this column displayed, you can easily go down the list and hide (or unhide) payees one by one. You can also select a bunch of payees using shift-click and/or command-click and hide them at once by right clicking on the selected group.

    Duplicated (misspelled) payees is handled differently. In this case, use the search box to narrow down the display so you see both spellings on one screen. Click on one of them, then command-click on the other to select both. Then click the Merge Payees button at the bottom of the window. You will be given the option to specify which spelling you wish to retain.
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